Visions & Values

At Lakes Theatre Arts we teach strong technique in a safe and nurturing environment whilst making it enjoyable in the process.

We are passionate about dance and drama and we love working with children and their families to create and grow awesome children together!

We work hard, have fun and persevere until we reach our goals and do our best to create excellence

Our classes are small, therefore we know every child individually which means we can cater to their needs and their different learning styles easily. We like to have a good relationship with each child and we encourage individuality and personality

Students choose to sit exams – They are not compulsory!

Come and join our awesome bunch of students. We love spending time together, dancing together and making new friends and memories!


We give students the confidence to be the best they can be and always believe in their own abilities, growing into confident and strong young adults.


We want our students to know and feel passion for their craft, and use this in other areas of their lives too. Our teachers are dedicated to passing their love of the arts onto the next generation.

Perseverance & Commitment

Great work takes time. We encourage students to face challenges with optimism and always be committed to excellence. We are on a journey!


Respect the studio, and other people’s belongings. Respect yourself, your teacher, and your classmates. They will respect you in return. Well-mannered people will always do well.

We have a purpose built studio in Frankton where the majority of our classes are held. Other classes are held around the Queenstown area.