What do you learn in a HipHop Class?

What do you learn in a HipHop class?

Hip Hop dance classes are popular and a perfect choice for energetic kids who are always on the move and enjoy popular music.

Hope 1 Hip Hop classes are 45 minutes, moving up to an hour at Hope 2 & above

We strive to inspire well-rounded Hip Hop dancers and focuses on techniques such as Popping, Waacking, Waving, Grooves, Locking, Tricks and Vogueing.  

Hip hop is a great choice for all kids who have a lot of energy and want to dance, but hip hop is especially good for boys who want to dance but might be shy about admitting it. While acceptance of boys in dance has grown exponentially over the years, in many places there is still a stigma. Taking hip hop class could be just the beginning for boys who want to explore other styles of dance, or it could be exactly the one class your child is looking for! 

A common misconception is that dances you see on TikTok are hip hop, or born out of hip hop. While TikTok dances are fun to watch and learn, they are not hip hop. Hip hop came from a community, and even though the social dances mentioned above feel similar to what TikTok dances showcase, the interaction, give and take, and community are what sets hip hop apart.

Our instructors focus on teaching Hip Hop rhythms and encouraging our students to hear the music and “feel the beat.” Hip Hop classes will teach rhythm and musicality, and focus on individual expression while using kid-friendly music. 

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